viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

Mashup of the Day

We are glad to announce that FeedzZ has been chosen Mashup of the Day in ProgrammableWeb. For all those who don't know ProgrammableWeb gets you the latest on what's new and interesting with mashups, Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform.

You can see the summary here

Feedz in Calais

In the last day we have been published in the Calais site as part of the User/Created Gallery of applications

You can find more details here

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

FeedzZ new set of features

Hi, one month ago FeedZZ was released as public beta.

Now we have receive lots of feedback from our users and we have released a new version of the site with loads of new end user features

  • Configuration of alerts (web & email) for text and semantic search
  • Share entries via twitter using TiniUrl links-like.
  • User activity tracking available at profile level / home recent activity
  • Improved personal profile pages
  • RSS syndication (Yahoo, Google and AOL) of topic pages, plain text search pages, semantinc search pagesetc.
  • Alert bots available in Gtalk, MSN Messenger. Interact with them to retrieve entries from your favourites feeds, or search for text or semantic terms.
  • Release of a powerful API to interact with all the semantic data we have collected.
  • Embed RSS in your web page or blog using our wizard code generators

End user features

  • More sites. France, Germany and UK has been added to our blogsphere crawling process. A new section focused only in newspapers has been added. We will incorporate some topic that can be subdivided in much more detail as Technology.
  • search functionality it's now scoped to the site the user has selected. As the number of sites has grown we don't want to mix entries in different languages.
  • User activity. Every action the user does is tracked. You can see this information on the user profile page displaying his/her latest activity.
  • Text alerts and term alerts - The results page after a semantic term search or pure text search now incorporates a new button to agregate alerts.These alerts are added into your profile page.
  • Semantic terms are splitted now in sub categories like People, places and topics.
  • Search results- Several criteria allows finding the entries considering the times user votesd, clicked (views), shared or bookmarked an entry
  • User login redirects to private profile page.
  • If you missed yesterday news, there is a link that will filter the main page of a topic with yesterday ones.
  • Usability - In general lines we have improved the user personal page, folder management and clipping,text and warning messaging, etc to give a much better user experience.
  • Now you can upload bigger OPML files (300k now), perform several actions in bulk mode as
    • select more than one feed to be categorized
    • assign more than one feed to a folder
  • Users who organize their feeds in folders and visit the site regularly (last month) will have the latest headlines crawled(we cannot crawl every single feed submitted by our users as we have already more than 4000 and we started with less than 250). Some people upload the opml fule, browse the site and don't return again ... It's useless crawling these feeds if their informaton is not reachable by anyone, so we thought that we could reward those ones who spend some time organizing their feeds in folders.

Embedables widgets
Now it's easy to embed a widget in your blog or web page using our wizards code generators. There are 4 different wizards that will help the user to generate the code to embed in their sites. They can preview the result and customize the style if they want.

FeedZZ Widgets page -

We have released a powerful query API built on top of RSS which allows retrieve the most significative data Have a look at this page to see all the services we are exposing.
  • Search services
  • Semantic services
  • User Activity services

FeedZZ API page -

Share via Twitter
A new option has been added, it allows users (registered and not registered)
can share any feed new, publishing a TinyUrl link in twitter.

GTalk and MSN integration
IF you aggregate Feedzzbot as your contact you can get the latest news either matching a plain text or a specific semantic term. Optionally you can get the latest entries from your favourite
blog. There is a full list of commands and options to interact with our FeedzZ Bot!!

FeedZZ Bot page -


It seemed a bit ironic that a site aggregating RSS feeds from the blog-sphere didn't syndicate content. Now you can realize easily in Firefox that some of the pages can be viewed as RSS feeds.
These pages are
- Search text
- Search semantic term
- Popular and incoming topic page in a site
- User page - Activity

We hope you enjoy it
The FeedzZ Team